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    A synthetic Turf Tennis court is a surface comprised of polypropylene or polyethylene grass fibers infilled with a specially graded sand top dressing. It can be installed on a new concrete, asphalt or aggregate base. The resulting surface is slower and more forgiving, much like a clay court, without the maintenance and foul weather issues inherent with them. The sand level and size may be adjusted to the customers preference on ball speed and foot play. A court with more sand will be slower and create a slip and slide effect more like a clay court. A court with less sand will be faster and offer more stability. This product carries a full 7 year warranty and has a minimum surface life of 20 years.
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    Tennis Artificial Grass court
    GCC's tennis surface range is tested to ITF (International Tennis Federation) standards and classed as a medium to fast surface, which takes spin and excellent grip. Synthetic Tennis products are available in a combination of colours including green, rust (clay court) and blue.GCC artificial turf tennis products cater for all levels of play with options of sand dressed and sand filled turf manufactured with dense fibres offering resilience whilst providing a surface for all ages and ability levels.
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    Colored artificial grass Tennis court artificial grass
    15mm, 3/16', 23s, dtex8800, green, face weight 1560g/m2 ,sand infill. Color option:green, red & blue.
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