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    GCC-- kindergarten school artificial grass exporter
    GCC synthetic grass can be run around, climb all over equipment and be extremely physical are essential parts of daily life for children in child care and kindergarten. Synthetic turf is pretty much the perfect surface for outdoor and sheltered play areas. It will withstand all the bumps and falls, provides a softer, cushioned surface for tumbles and accidents and requires virtually no maintenance once it is installed.
  • kindergarten artificial turf playground
    Kindergarten Artificial Grass
    GCC provide a whole artificial grass solution for kindergarten playground. We have green artificial turf for the playground, and the creative rainbow running track is made of colored artificial turf, finally we provide customized cartoon pattern artificial grass carpet to decorate your grass field, this is perfect sulution for your playground of kindergarten. Comparing to the rubber surface, the artificial grass is more natural looking, and more healthy.
  • colored artificial turf rainbow running truck
    Colored artificial grass rainbow running track
    GCC's running tracking is made of artificial grass with pile height of 25mm. It made with red artificial grass,yellow synthetic grass,blue artificial turf and purple synthetic turf.each color wides 1m, with white line, the four color is produce into whole carpet by machine,so it need no seaming.So the running track will be more playful for the kids.
  • custom cartoon pattern grass carpet
    Custom cartoon pattern artificial grass carpet
    Finally,GCC provides customized logo or cartoon pattern artificial grass carpet to decorate your artificial grass playground, since only grass playground is boring for the kids,with the cartoon characters and more coloful artificial grass can make the playground more vivid and the kids enjoy their kindergarten time.
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