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    GCC 's hockey grass is an FIH-certified artificial grass manufacturer Our hockey artificial grass satisfy the strictest standards of the International Hockey Federation FIH Pioneer in product development: first sand-filled artificial grass hockey field in Europe (1980) 3 F Fit For the Future: long-term innovation programme based on the experience of hockey players and clubs.
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    Artificial Turf hockey surface
    A hockey pitch is the playing surface for the game of field hockey. Historically, the game was played on an artificial turf.The hockey pitch is rectangular in shape. The longer perimeter edges are called the side line, the opposing shorter edges are referred toe back line and the portion of this between the goal posts is known as the goal line. The side line must measure 91.40 m (100 yd) and the back line should measure 55.00 m (60 yd). There must be a minimum run-off of 2 m at the sidelines and 3 m at the backlines which may be a different surface for the final metre. All line markings must be white and 75 millimetres wide. In each corner of the pitch, a corner flag of no more than 300 mm square is attached to a post of height 1.20–1.50 m.
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    Artificial grass Synthetic hockey turf surfaces
    GCC synthetic hockey products are fast and consistent, fostering skilful, dynamic hockey on safe, comfortable surfaces. All international matches, top club games, and the majority of other games of hockey are now played on synthetic surfaces. GCC supply technical synthetic turf hockey turfs for three types of systems: water-based (unfilled) turf, dressed turf and filled turf. All of TigerTurf's water-based and dressed products meet the performance standards of the Federation of International Hockey (FIH).
    Water-Based (unfilled) – GMC wet hockey surfaces are used everywhere for international matches. Our unfilled, water-based hockey products have been specifically designed for high-performance play over many seasons. Irrigated synthetic surfaces are preferred by hockey players due to their exceptional playing characteristics.
    Sand Dressed – GCC's sand-dressed surfaces feature densely tufted, soft polyethylene texturized yarns or Knit-de-Knit polypropylene yarns, partly filled with rounded grains of sand. GCC sand-dressed hockey surfaces laid over a rubber shock pad meet FIH National standards. The purpose-designed fibres within the products provide the synthetic turf with the playing qualities of a “wet field”. The sand layer supports and strengthens the base of the fibres, but no sand is visible on the surface. Sand-dressed hockey turfs are great to play on and great for the budget. Our sand-dressed synthetic turf systems are not only suitable for hockey, but perform exceptionally across a number of sports.
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